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Meet The Team

Jenni leads the Jenni Egger Designs team to achieve our mission; to create something greater than beauty.

Jenni Egger


Kaylin manages the schedules, the trades and the supplies necessary to complete all of the design jobs that we take on. She keeps projects in motion and makes sure they're perfect start to finish.

Kaylin Dedinsky

Design Project Manager

Christina assures that the business side of Jenni Egger Designs remains efficient and she keeps us on track with our goals. 

Christina Martin

Business Manager

Margie is the assistant to every member of the Jenni Egger Designs team – with the goal of making their jobs easier. She supports team members behind-the-scenes to ensure that every detail of each design project is handled efficiently, professionally, and above all else, with a personal touch.

Margie Beiswanger

Design Assistant

Nicole performs the technical measure on any job that requires thorough floor plans and exactness.

Nicole Calvert

Technical Design Consultant



Amy Xxxxxxx

Design Consultant

Devin Rodgers Headshot.jpg

Devin assists with the planning and execution of all services offered by Jenni Egger Designs. She consults and sources with  clients, driving form and function into every project. 

Devin Rodgers

Design Consultant

Stephanie Califar - square crop.jpg

Stephanie works together with clients to select furniture, lighting, case goods, and accessories to put the finishing touch on design projects.

Stephanie Califar

Design Consultant

Emily develops and maintains the Jenni Egger Designs website and she oversees the content released on our social channels which is exciting work for our quickly growing brand. She is studying design at Indiana University Bloomington and is considering a career path in interior design.

Emily Koetter

Social Media and
Marketing Manager

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