When adding trim to an existing home or finishing a custom built house, the millwork design can set the tone.  Spaces well appointed with the proper moldings, stair parts, doors, wall treatments and built-ins, plus the best finishes and wood species add flourish to any room.  


No mater what tone you want to set for your home, we can pick up on hints already in the room or create an entirely different look with the millwork details.  The choices of profiles and sizes are endless and we help navigate this important element of any well appointed project.  

What you may be wondering about millwork


Millwork, also known as TRIM, is typically a wood product that has either been milled in a factory or on the job site to create a built-in piece or specific elements like crown molding, baseboards or wall treatments.

Why do I need a designer to create millwork?

Each house contains cues for the right millwork package that will make it a home. Your needs and style determine what combination of trim materials will be the best fit for you and your home. Whether you are building a new house, completing a remodeling project or looking to upgrade your house's current trim, Jenni's expertise in how the pieces can all fit together to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home is an investment that is well worth the cost.

Why not let the trim carpenter installing my millwork make recommendations on what is to be installed?

This is a common mistake that many homeowners make. Contractors and sub-contractors are not designers. They may lack "big picture" vision for what you want your space to look and feel like when completed. To the trim carpenter, a board is a board. As a designer, Jenni will make sure that the lines of your millwork will reflect the end product of your home, regardless of how sophisticated or simple.