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Pinnacle Emptyv 51014521 2 2a Driver bardtai




edge vd-i3-3d-core-edge-plus-51014601 2 3a driver intel vd-gpu-driver-xorg-hwe-16.04-bionic-edge-51014601 2 2a drm intel . m1xr: looks like a gfx card, maybe an hd one? No, it's a desktop. A standard Dell desktop. m1xr: then you have a graphics card and a cpu with integrated gpu so just the cpu should be enough Good to know tomreyn Oh. I figured there was a reason it is a little more than the specs of a laptop But thx for the suggestion. m1xr: which ubuntu version is it? what does lsb_release -ds report? 20.04 Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS It's Dell Inspiron 3000 series Dell Inspiron 3000 series I have some other laptop with same specs but Intel i3/i5/i7 and works fine oh okay. the cpu doesn't tell you much, i guess it's a kind of broadwell that's not very new, but hopefully still a working model i see this on Dell's site: so it would need to be "15.67" (which is really bad) I have another laptop where CPU is i7 with integrated gpu but it's with Nvidia This is interesting tomreyn I'll try to update BIOS This laptop was working fine until yesterday I had it at night and turned it off



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Pinnacle Emptyv 51014521 2 2a Driver bardtai

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