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Whole House Design 

The VIP | Very Important Project

All projects are important, but your new house build or total home renovation is very important. It can also be overwhelming, even when a skilled General Contractor is involved. The selections you make today will be with you for a long time. We save you time, money, energy, and best of all, we add value to your end project by managing many facets involved in a major home project. Beginning with a comprehensive yet flexible plan is the key to ending a project with a beautiful and functional space that meets the needs of your lifestyle, family, taste, and budget. Jenni Egger Designs will guide you through the selection process, putting "first things first" and meeting contractor goals for rough-ins and finishes. Building on a foundation of your image for your dream house guides the process of designing a place you will love to live in.

Ready for a whole house design? Let's talk.

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